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Danny Harrington: Equipment

Conn Baritone Saxophone - Naked Lady

B75 Mouthpiece
Optimum Ligature and Vandoren
#2.5 Blue Box Reeds

Yanagisawa Curved Bell Soprano Saxophone

S6 mouthpiece
Optimum Ligature
#3 Blue Box Reeds

SELMER Series 9 Bass Clarinet

Vandoren: B50 mouthpiece Otimum Ligature #2 Blue Box Reeds

Vandoren Woodwind Products

I am a Vandoren Artist and exclusively use their products.

BARITONE SAX: B75 Mouthpiece, Optimum Ligature and Blue Box #2 1/2 reeds.

SOPRANO SAX: V16 Series S6 Mouthpiece, M/O Ligature and Blue Box #3 reeds.

BASS CLARINET: B50 Mouthpiece, Optimum Ligature and V21 #2 reeds.