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1) Key Signatures in treble and bass clef. 2) Major Scales 3) The Relative Minor Scale from the Major Scale 4) The Diatonic Triads and Seventh chords in each of the major scales.
5) Develop a greater curiosity of music you are not familiar with. This will help you discover global music that you have been unaware of and also shine a light on the origins of the music you like.`
I have be a member of the Berklee College of Music Faculty for the past 36 years. There certainly have been many changes in the compositional styles of music and the technology that is used to produce the sounds of this music. Regardless of any of these changes there is is still one truth that applies to almost every facet of popular or tonal music. We are all working with the same twelve notes. I know that there are exceptions to any rule, but in popular music they are few and far between. While in high school our students need to understand the importance of working with these twelve notes.
The first four topics [...]
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I had the good fortune to play a few weeks ago at ANDIAMO, 24 Winter Street, Newburyport MA...Phil McGowan is doing a fantastic job bringing in some of the best jazz players in the area and I hope that you will support his efforts....please spread the word and stop by when you can
Jazz every Wednesday night, 7-10pm




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Hi....I hope all is well as we try to get through this month of are some gigs in the area for the remainder of the month....hope to see you: TONIGHT FEB.19:  RUDI'S IN PORTSMOUTH WITH DIMITRI ON PIANO.....6-10PM SUNDAY FEB. 20:  PLUM ISLAND GRILLE, JAZZ BRUNCH, NEWBURY MA.....1-3PMTHURSDAY FEB 24: RUDI'S IN PORTSMOUTH WITH DIMITRI ON PIANO.....6-9PM SUNDAY FEB 27:  PLUM ISLAND GRILLE, JAZZ BRUNCH, NEWBURY MA.....1-3PMSUNDAY FEB 28: BARLEY PUB, DOVER NH WITH THE STEVE CARTER QUARTET, 8-11PM THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!!!!!!

"LIFE" by Keith Richards

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I just finished this wonderful's a must read for anyone who loves music......I must admit that I have gained volumes of respect for Keith Richards and his devotion to music.....he has a level of respect for music and those who make that is second to none.....check it out...Cheers

“To be a teacher is to have a great responsibility.  The teacher helps shape and give direction to the lives of other human beings.  What is more important, graver, than that?  Children and young people are our greatest treasure; when we think of them we think of the future of the world.  Then consider the significance of nurturing their minds, of helping form their outlook on the world, of training and preparing them for the work that they will do.  I can think of no profession more important than that of teaching.”                        Pablo Casals from JOYS AND SORROWS REFLECTIONS BY PABLO CASALS 1970“ You have no right to have a preconceived notion of who your students should be……you take the students that you are given and it is your job as their teacher to work with them”               [...]
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